Does NeoFinder work in macOS High Sierra?

That is a very good question, and there are three anwers to it.

The PR answer

Of course it works! 🙂

The honest answer

Fire up your DeLorean, fill up the flux capacitor to make sure it can generate the 1.2 Gigawatts of power, speeed the car up to 88 mph, and time travel to October 2017. There, check this page here again for the definitive answer. 🙂

The full answer

We cannot know yet, as Apple so far has only released two beta versions, and they are still developing, improving and changing macOS High Sierra until it is released in September 2017.

What we know so far

We have tested the new NeoFinder 7.1 in macOS High Sierra beta 1 and beta 2, and pretty much everything works.

We found two issues in macOS High Sierra that affect NeoFinder.

Cataloging thumbnails and metadata of old PICT graphic files does not work anymore. While we can understand that Apple thinks this very old format is pretty much dead, we still hope for a clarification if that is a bug or a deliberate move. So far, there has been no answer. So it may just be a bug that Apple will fix until High Sierra is released.

The second issue is the user interface of Apples Finder. The Get Info windows have massive visual redraw problems when adding Tags and comments there. The good news is that NeoFinder can do that for you, and it works just fine.

When to update

As always, a major new operating system version brings a lot of changes under the hood and will break a lot of things. If you use your Mac to get actual work done, you will, as always, wait until at least 10.13.3 or 10.13.4 has been released. Even though the High Sierra betas worked surprisingly stable already, we very highly recommend to wait as well.

We will officially test Apples final release version of macOS High Sierra as soon as it becomes available, and tell you more about how that turns out.

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